Physiotherapy in Singapore

How are we different from other Physiotherapy clinics?

We are not only treating your symptoms (pain, stiffness, misalignment etc.), but also finding the root cause of your problem. We take time to assess your pain or injury. Our physiotherapists have extensive knowledge in physiotherapy Singapore manual therapy skills, movement analysis and functional training. We treat the root cause of your problem and help you to achieve your fitness goal eventually. Initial consultation typically lasts 45 minutes to one hour. 

Our experienced physiotherapists prescribe the necessary manual therapies and movement therapy to help patients manage their injury and bring them back to function. If indicated, we do prescribe electrotherapy to help with swelling and pain. 

In addition to treating the immediate problem, we focus on prevention. We educate our patients, in an accessible and enjoyable way, to understand their body and be a full partner in the recovery process, while working to prevent recurrence of injury.