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cheap jerseysOfficials say more people are missing and it is feared the toll could rise. The perils of that endeavor revealed themselves in stark fashion Tuesday, when at least 17 people from around the world died after being trapped in heavy snowfall while trekking at high altitude. This is already one of the deadliest such tragedies in the history of Nepal, a nation of about 26 million known worldwide for its spectacular mountain ranges, including Mount Everest.

Eight more remain buried under the suffocating snow. Of the 12 killed in the Annapurna region, only four bodies have so far been recovered, of two Poles, an Israeli and a Nepali. It is also unclear if any more are missing, he said. A dozen of the deaths were in the popular Annapurna region, Nepal army spokesman Niranjan Shrestha said, while another five were in the neighboring Manang district.

The trekkers died Tuesday evening near the iconic 5,416 meter (17,770 foot) Thorung La Pass in Mustang district, the highest point of the 21 day Annapurna Circuit trek, he said. Their nationalities are not known, said Shrestha, the army spokesman. The loss of lives Tuesday will affect many nations, and could dent confidence in an industry vital to Nepal's economic well being.

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