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And that precisely where the money goes, subsidizing scholarships, resources for the athletes, and tournaments.I know it the trendy thing to hate on the NCAA, but the NCAA doesn profit off of student athletes, the universities themselves do.Really the only thing to make college athletics for both the athletes and the tax payers is to remove amateur status from college athletics and to classify college athletic departments as professional sports organizations. The only reason he received that loan INTEREST free was because he committed to the program. Other coaches followed the rules.

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I have yet to write a full length novel, but do have an ebook under my pen name "Anne Anders" titled A Farming Childhood containing 25 narrative stories based on childhood memories and two poems. This is available through Google Play Store. I also published a children's picture book on Kindle titled Winfred, the Toy Nanny under the same pen name.I wish to thank my readers for their continued interest in my stories and articles.

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